California Co-ooperative Campaign Part 1

What a crazy few days. After some great bonding time over the break with Jennifer, I had the opportunity to catch up with my other sister Kimi on a roadtrip-turned-disaster-turned-adventure...

Although I had flown into San Diego for winter break, my flight out was from San Francisco Airport. Why? Well back when I was booking my tickets, I believed that I was going to sell my car to a friend in the bay area. That didn't work out, so my poor little car continues to languish undriven in my parents' garage.

My flight didn't leave SFO until the 5th and Kimi wanted to drive on the 2nd, so I mentally prepared myself to sit back, relax and take my time. Knowing my sister, I knew there would be a few distractions and detours along the way (she at one point wanted to go camping in Joshua Tree on the way up) but as I wasn't in any kind of rush to get to the Bay Area, I decided I would take anything and everything in stride.

Our first stop going north was in downtown LA, where Kimi and I went to a bunch of thrift stores, checking out retro clothes and hats. My sister has a great, unique sense of fashion. I do not. Our next stop was the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I don't even know if I can explain this place using words. It was definitely an experience and it made me question the very institution of museums and how they represent information. Pretty heavy stuff. We then picked up to of Kimi's fellow co-op members, called "Elves" (their co-op in Berkeley is called Lothlorien). We packed our car to the brim with people and stuff and continued up the California coast.

We made it to Santa Barbara around 8:00pm, where we picked up an additional Elf who had ridden his bike from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara and had run out of food. Fitting an extra person and a bike into/onto the car was a little difficult (we were driving Kimi's Prius) but we overcame. In Santa Barbara, we took a pit stop in a co-op near the UCSB campus called Biko while the group decided whether we would try to sleep there for the night or try to push on to Santa Cruz. There were lots of hand signals and motions and voting things - this is what they do in their co-op. My co-op at Stanford was a little less democratic and considerate...

We decided to make the push to Santa Cruz and had a stimulating conversation about tons of stuff including bees, societal resistance and other fun topics. The Prius made it into Santa Cruz in the wee hours of the morning and we all crashed at the parental home of the bike-riding Elf.

Continued in California Co-operative Campaign Part 2

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