Butterflies and Soap

Lucia loves butterflies. Butterfly is one of the few sign language signs that she knows and can consistently repeat. So, imagine our excitement when Hannah sound a butterfly release event for little kids!

We drove across Hempstead Bay to the Manorhaven Preserve community garden, where two cool ladies taught us about the monarch butterfly life cycle and gave us crafts to work on. Hannah and I liked coloring the walls of a little butterfly house, while Lucia was excited to pick up gravel and watch other kids run around.

At the end of the event, one of the ladies (who is an entomologist - how cool) gave us butterflies to release

The epilogue of this wonderful afternoon is that during her bath, Lucia scooped up a big handful of soap and ate it, which made her gag and then barf her whole dinner all over Hannah. Parenting isn't all butterflies, people.

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