Birthday Suprise!

Last Wednesday my girlfriend Katharine was very excited to show me my birthday present: a tenor trombone that she had some how managed to rent for a month. She told me to practice it in preparation for a surprise on my birthday (the 4th). The surprise was way cooler than anything I could have expected.

Katharine had found a jazz club near my house called HR-57 that has jam sessions multiple nights a week. A rhythm section plays jazz standards and different horn player can come up and riff with them. On Thursday, my birthday, she and I and our friends Lindsay and Jimmy went to HR-57 with a bottle of wine (it's BYOB) and my trombone.

I was a bit nervous at first, but I had a few chances to go up and play some jazz. It has been a really long time and I've missed it. I miss music in general and finding this opportunity for me might be the best birthday present I've ever gotten.

I absolutely want to go back and take full advantage of my month-long trombone rental. Maybe I should see if I can get back my Real Book that I left in California...

Despite what Jeremih might say, I highly prefer Birthday Jazz.

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