Big Game, Big Fun

Last week I discovered that there are Stanford people in Washington DC! Unfortunately, I also discovered that Cal fans also exist here.

Last Saturday was Big Game, which is such a storied rivalry and tradition that it needs no introduction but does require capitalization. I went with Lindsay (who at this point has a pretty great track record of introducing me to awesome people) to a party in Capitol Hill. When I arrived, it was a like I had stepped through a geographical warp gate and had ended up on the upper row at Stanford. I didn't know most people at the Big Game pre-party/tailgate, but I "knew" almost all of them in that I had seen them around, etc. It felt really comfortable and after some good old Stanford-style celebration, we headed over to the main event.

The main event was a Stanford Alumni Association sponsored Big Game viewing party in Chinatown. They rented out a whole bar for Stanford and Cal alums to watch the game. It was crowded, but super fun. I was wedged in between a Cal girl from San Diego and the bar, where I managed to lead a few cheers in response to the Cal fans' incredibly organized cheering and singing. You have to give those guys credit, they can be a-holes sometimes, but they make great sports fans. Anyway, I saw a whole bunch of people, from a residential staffer from my sophomore year dorm to my old boss.

Things were going swimmingly, even when Stanford lost the advantage in the fourth quarter, we were on a game winning drive... 13 yards to go and it was only second down. Then...

"Hey Andrew Luck! Give it to nationally acclaimed Heisman candidate running back Toby Gerhart! What? You're gonna throw an interception instead? Oh. Poop."

The game ended on a sadder note, but I still really enjoyed myself and am glad to have found some Stanford brothers and sisters to party with when partying is needed.

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