70 Degrees and Opera

After my final and my last day at UNHCR (at least for this year), I flew home to San Diego, CA - just barely escaping the ridiculous DC snowfall by a day or so. BTW, it's 70 degrees here. It's 30 degrees there.

I've laid low here so far and haven't called any friends yet because I'm focusing on finishing a draft of my personal statement before the weekend ends. My designated San Diego fun so far was Les Contes d'Hoffman.

What? You don't know what Les Contes d'Hoffman is? It's an awesome opera that is being performed at the NY Met right now. More importantly, my friend Clare is performing in it. To support her, I bought a ticket to the San Diego showing (one of many, actually). It was a filmed version of the whole show, and it lasted about 4 hours. I was a little worried about the length and the fact that no one in the movie theater was under 65 (my mom calls them "white-hairs"), but the opera turned out to be amazing. I was really entertained and I got to see Clare up close on the big screen! In my opinion, she deserves a Tony and an Oscar. There you go Clare, halfway to your EGOT.